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Image by Gaelle Marcel
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Mondays: 7-9PM // Meeting Locations May Vary
Open to all high-school-aged teens in Lawrence County.

You're Invited!

The Crowd is BTC’s ministry to all Lawrence County high school age students. 
From life changing trips to weekly gatherings, The Crowd has something for everyone. Weekly you can find space to goof around and laugh with friends. Go deep on topics that matter to you and hear from exciting and engaging voices that aren’t part of your everyday routine. 
Weekly gatherings don’t work for you? We still have places for you. Jump in on one of our famous trips to Gatlinburg, St. Augustine, or random places around Indiana. You can also jump in on summer fun, like Frisbee Thursdays, or Movement Mondays (Destination unknown hikes). 
It’s tough to be a teenager, but it’s also a sweet time for some adventure. 

What to Expect @ The Crowd

Image by Bonnie Kittle

Grab a snack, shoot some hoops, and just hang out for a while. Make new friends and meet our volunteers.

Image by Erik Mclean

We'll usually get started with some  party games, mixers, ice breakers, and funny videos. Did I mention prizes?

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Each week we'll be challenged to think and act like Christ. We want you to know Jesus! There will be a guest speaker most weeks, and then you'll get a chance to talk things through with your friends.

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